Teaching and mentoring


2008-2011 Monitor at the Centre d’Initiation à l’Enseignement Supérieur (CIES; 64 h/year)

2012-2013 Temporary lecturer (full-time ATER, 192 h/year)

Theoretical, practical and field courses to students from BSc to MSc (total of > 380  hours, or > 570 hours practical courses equivalent):

  • Statistical and methodological tools in biology (creation of four practical lessons; 1st year of Masters EFCE, ERPUR, MFA, PNB, ED)
  • Animal Biology (2nd year of Bachelor BO)
  • Initiation to GIS (1st year of Masters EFCE, ERPUR, GHBV, MFA, ED)
  • Scientific communication (1st year of Master CAH)
  • Scientific English (2nd year of Masters ED, ERPUR)
  • Bases of ecology (1st year of Bachelor BO)
  • Bases of taxonomics and organization of life (1st year of Bachelor BO)
  • Nutrition ‒ Reproduction (1st year of Bachelor BO)
  • Nutrition, development and growth (3rd year of Bachelor BO)
  • Introduction to ecology (online courses via Moodle)
  • Issues in ecology (2nd year of Bachelor BO)
  • Landscape ecology (creation of one directed lesson; 1st year of Masters EFCE, ERPUR)
  • Population biology (1st year of Master EFCE)
  • Evolutionary biology : evolution of species (3rd year of Bachelor BO)
  • Examiner for Master theses and oral defenses (1st year of Master CAH)



  • Cyrielle Binon, 3rd year Bachelor’s degree, May 2016

Variation of metabolic activity during extended diapause in the pine processionary moth (Thaumetopoea pityocampa) depending on populations and pre-imaginal experience

  • Manon De La Huerta, 1st year Master’s degree, April-June 2012

Loss of flight ability in an insect recently introduced in sub-Antarctic islands

  • Alice Bijou, 3rd year Bachelor’s degree, June 2011

Use of videotracking techniques to monitor locomotor activity and dispersal in an invasive insect regarding trophic conditions and photoperiod

  • Raphaël Bical, 2nd year of Master’s degree, January-July 2011

Relationship between plasticity and spatial range in insects: salinity tolerance in two wingless Dipterans native from the Kerguelen Islands

  • Kévin Hidalgo, 2nd year of Master’s degree, January-July 2011

Metabolic responses regarding soil salinity in the invasive ground beetle Merizodus soledadinus at the Kerguelen Islands: is physiological plasticity involved in its geographical range?

  • Élodie Fayel, engineer student from the Purpan school, January-April 2010

Laboratory (olfactometry) and field work at the Kerguelen Islands